Monthly Archives: December 2012

My waning interest in MMOs?

By many accounts this was a bumper year for MMOs. Many of the old guard were revitalized, with World of Warcraft getting its Mists of Pandaria expansion, RIFT getting the Storm Legion expansion, the Inferno and Retribution expansions in EVE online both being received well by that community, and the ongoing success of titles like Everquest II and Lord of the Rings Online. The new was just as exciting this year, with Star Wars: The Old Republic having its first real year (launching in December last year barely counts as a 2011 release), the perhaps “cult hit” The Secret World injected some badly needed diversity into the fantasy ridden MMO landscape, and of course the massive launch of Guild Wars 2. Sure, there were missteps, such as the failure of 38 Studios and its work in progress “Project Copernicus” – which I’m sad to see die as I really enjoyed Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – and the somewhat strange closing of City of Heroes by NCSoft, perhaps the first time we’ve seen an MMO that was absolutely making a profit get shuttered. So why can’t I find one to stick with and play?
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Nighttime cityscapes – first attempt

Brief backstory – my father-in-law gave me a nice digital camera from his collection on my last trip to the U.K.. While technically an “amateur photographer” in the sense that he doesn’t get paid for his work, his shots are amazing and I dream of the day I might be able to accomplish something like that. Anyway, he was no longer using this camera and I was drooling over it, so he offered it to me – thanks Keith!
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Choice paralysis begone!

I’ve been rolling around the idea of getting myself somewhere to write brain dumps for quite some time now. I’ve been looking at which platform to choose, and had gotten myself into a terrible state of choice paralysis. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to host something myself to have “complete control”, or if I wanted to give up some of that control and have the worry of dealing with platform updates and whatnot shifted off my shoulders.
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