Monthly Archives: August 2013

Server issues during launch – why?

37, 1004, 3102, 90000… seemingly random and innocuous numbers. However, if you play video games, these numbers may be familiar to you. Let me explain – error 37 was what greeted many fans of Diablo 3 during its launch. Error 1004 was an issue experienced by some SimCity players when it launched this year, but the number was picked to help illustrate my point – the fact of the matter is that SimCity gave good old text error messages when it launched, or rather, attempted to launch. The last two… well they’re the reason I’m writing this article, and they both belong to the most recent game to experience launch issues – Final Fantasy XIV. Continue reading

Secure messaging – why isn’t there an alternative to email?

With the furor surrounding the revelation of the NSA domestic spying program in the U.S., there has been some significant fallout. Significant to those who work in technology and follow it as I do.

The first one was the shuttering of Lavabit. Now, I’ll admit I’d never heard of the service prior to the announcement that they were shutting down, but that’s much less interesting than the reason they were shutting down. Continue reading