Monthly Archives: September 2013

Adventures in privacy sitting

In the aftermath of revelations that the NSA is watching everything they possibly can on the internet, I’ve been reviewing how I interface with the ‘net and pondering if I can do things better. I’m pretty lax about my online privacy, at least where cookies/ad networks/NSA metadata collection would be concerned, and I also understand that there is an exchange going on for some of the services I use. The furor that hit over claims that there was “no expectation of privacy” as a GMail user washed right over me because I understand that Google is programatically trying to understand my interests based on the e-mail I receive and present me targeted advertising with that information – there is not an underpaid intern sitting there hanging on my every word. I accept that exchange because I’m happy with the service that I receive as a GMail user; conversely, I stopped using Facebook in any serious fashion quite some time ago as I didn’t really feel like what I was being sold was worth what I was selling. Continue reading