Choice paralysis begone!

I’ve been rolling around the idea of getting myself somewhere to write brain dumps for quite some time now. I’ve been looking at which platform to choose, and had gotten myself into a terrible state of choice paralysis. I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to host something myself to have “complete control”, or if I wanted to give up some of that control and have the worry of dealing with platform updates and whatnot shifted off my shoulders.

I looked at blogger, which I’ve used in the past. I looked at tumblr. I thought about just using something like Google Plus as an outlet. I looked around at a bunch of places that I don`t even remember – I’ve been looking so long and not getting anything done.

With the announcement of WordPress 3.5 I figured I might as well just bite the bullet and give it a shot. I knew it was going to cover nearly every situation I wanted, so here we are.

What am I hoping to accomplish with this blog? Mostly I’d like it to be an outlet for things that cross my mind. Some will be interesting to others – I’m going to track my progress while studying for my CCIE R&S, write about video games I’m playing, and post my attempts at photography. Other things won’t be so interesting – I’ll probably end up writing about “things I’d like to do” a fair amount, and there are an awful lot of things I’d like to do and I can get really scatterbrained about it.

Anyway, that’s enough for an intro, I’ve got things started here. Now I need to come up with a good “real” topic and post it. See you soon!